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  1. Overview of SiTiPRO services
    The solution developed by SiTiPRO is specifically designed for lawyers. It aims at saving time / money for lawyers in their new client acquisition process. SiTiPRO takes care of it for you. The solution books several appointments per month for you by targeting clients in your geographic zone (excluding Legal aid application).
    Your business areas
    We send client files within your practice areas: Divorce / Family Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Real Estate,...
    Your geographic area
    All files we send fall within the competence of Courts in your geographic area (or where you usually intervene)
    Your new clients
    We target quality clients only and send their requests to you directly (by phone or E-mail)
    Note that SiTiPRO grants each lawyer on its platform the exclusivity for a client request. Requests are sent directly to you by phone or e-mail, and are not shared by default with other lawyers.
    Various tools are also provided to help you take full advantage of the solution:
    • You have access to a private Dashboard, where you can control your online presence / E-reputation, track the performance of your profile on SiTiPRO, as well as interact with your clients and prospects ;
    • Additional services can be proposed on demand in order to increase the productivity of your firm (through our secretariat office) or reduce the risk of unpaid bills (through our online payment solutions) ;
    • Online training / assistance and a guide of best practices are also available to you.
    Eventually, SiTiPRO is dedicated to maintaining the best quality of service and carries out personalized follow-ups with all its affiliated lawyers.
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    1. How long does it take to see the impact of my presence on SiTiPRO?
    2. Is there a commitment period?
    3. I already have a website, I am present on social networks. Do I need SiTiPRO?
    4. How does your platform guarantee exclusivity for a client request?
    5. How does your platform acquire its traffic and receive client requests?
    6. What is the price of the service?
    7. Once I registered on SiTiPRO, I was put on a waiting list. Why?
    8. Can a lawyer with multiple firms subscribe to multiple accounts on your platform?
    9. Can a law firm subscribe to a single account for the firm?
    10. Will the number of files opened each month thanks to SiTiPRO be constant over time?
    11. Does your service comply with any ethical rules lawyers are subject to?
    12. What are your privacy rules?
    For any other question, do not hesitate to contact us below.
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